“I don’t read the Bible because I’m a slow reader.”

If it took you five minutes to read one page (at a below average reading pace), and you read twelve pages each day (a total of 60 minutes), you could read the entire Bible in less than 3 months.

Still too much to chew? Split those twelve pages/60 minutes into six pages in the morning and six pages in the evening.

Still sound like too much? You have 24 hours every day—that’s 168 hours a week and 8,736 hours each year. Won’t you give one hour a day, seven hours a week, 365 hours a year back to the Lord to hear Him speak to you through His written Word?

If you committed to reading the Bible for three months instead of spending time on social media, you would probably have no problem reading all of God’s Word in that time.

Don’t view Scripture reading as a legalistic burden placed upon you, but as a joyous gift—the God of the universe has spoken to us! Let’s listen eagerly, even though it takes effort. It’s effort that is better spent in the Word than doing anything else.

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